Saturday, June 26, 2010

Echidna on the track

I was driving along on tour the other day and came across this Echidna trying to cross the track.
We jumped out and took a few photos, but when i started to bury itself in front of the vehicle, i had to rescue it and move it to a safe place so we could continue on our way...

Karen was treated to a real privileged experience, it's not every day you come across and Echidna around these traps...

Check out our new-look website... cheers
Haydyn Bromley

1 comment:

Iain Williams said...

Hi Haydyn, Glad you do the same as I do (remove wildlife from roads). It seems it takes forever to get to some places as I keep stopping! It was good to meet you recently when I was photographing the yellow foots. It's nice to meet someone who is knowledgeable, willing to share information, and obviously has a passion for wildlife and the environment. I will link you to my blog site. SAFE travels, Iain

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